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Mission Statement

Leadership Paducah Alumni Association (LPAA), a nonprofit organization, is committed to providing a forum to introduce current and future leaders to the qualities, attributes and challenges of the Paducah/McCracken County area. The LPAA mission will focus on supporting the Leadership Paducah program through financial aid to qualifying individuals, active participation in planning and directing individual Leadership Paducah class sessions and collecting feedback to ensure the Leadership Paducah program continues. The LPAA will encourage active ongoing participation in community activities.

History of Leadership Paducah

Established in 1984, Leadership Paducah is a program to develop the leadership potential of men and women in the Paducah/McCracken County area. Leadership Paducah is a program of the Paducah Area Chamber of Commerce and is self sustaining through tuition, corporate support, and in-kind contributions. Leadership Paducah classes are comprised of individuals with diverse backgrounds who have demonstrated a talent and commitment for leadership. Through this program they become acutely aware of social and economic changes and the impact of such changes in the local community.

Leadership Paducah is designed to foster an in-depth understanding of the inner-relationships and complexities of the Paducah/McCracken County area through a series of face-to-face discussions with community and state leaders.

The Leadership Paducah Alumni Association

The Leadership Paducah experience does not end at graduation. The graduates of the program are encouraged to join the Leadership Paducah Alumni Association - a community resource of men and women capable of directing important community activities. The LPAA provides an informational network  and a mechanism for maintaining contact that includes a web site membership directory and semi-annual newsletter. Alumni are also involved in class selection and planning the Leadership Paducah curriculum.

For more information about the LPAA, contact Sandra Wilson swilson@paducahchamber.org or 270.443.1746

Youth LEAD

Youth LEAD is a program designed to develop and prepare students for future community support and leadership roles in Paducah/McCracken County. Youth LEAD targets high school juniors in Paducah Independent, McCracken County Public, private and home-school systems. The students spend one day a month for five months learning about human needs and service learning, communication and career development, business and economy, law and government, and healthcare in McCracken County.


2022 Continuing Education Scholarship Guidelines

2022 Continuing Education Scholarship Application

Continuing Education Youth LEAD Scholarship

The Leadership Paducah Alumni Association (LPAA) is committed to assisting Leadership Paducah and Youth LEAD graduates with continuing their education. Through funds received from LPAA activities, the LPAA has established a Youth LEAD and a Leadership Paducah Continuing Education scholarship. The purpose is to assist Youth LEAD and Leadership Paducah alumni with continuing their education, with first preference given to those continuing at local education institutions: West KY Community and Technical College, Murray State University or University of Kentucky College of Engineering-Paducah Campus. Exceptions to these institutions may be allowed if agreed upon by a majority vote of the LPAA Board during the selection process. The LPAA scholarship will be considered a renewable scholarship based on funds available each year.

2022 Youth LEAD Scholarship Guidelines

2022 Youth LEAD Scholarship Application

Application Deadline: April 22, 2022



The Leadership Paducah Alumni Association (LPAA) invites you to attend a new series called "More Tours." When discussing ways to enhance the experience for Leadership Paducah Alumni, the Board of Directors kept returning to a common theme: provide alumni with MORE opportunities available while a member of LPAA! One of the Board's favorite parts of the Leadership Paducah program was the inside look into local businesses. Therefore, we're starting with Business and Economy Day and providing alumni the opportunity to tour Whitehall Industries and Genova Products. Join us for a behind-the-scenes tour of two companies that make Paducah great!

Be on the lookout! We hope to offer "More Tours" twice a year and each time will focus on a different area, including education, tourism, healthcare and the like. We'll let new developments in town dictate the schedule!

See the Business and Economy Day Schedule here!

Register for Business and Economy Day here!

No charge to existing LPAA members - space is limited!

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