Youth LEAD


Youth LEAD is a program designed to develop and prepare students for future community support and leadership roles in Paducah/McCracken County. Youth LEAD targets high school juniors in Paducah Independent, McCracken County Public, private and home‐school systems. The students spend one day a month for six months learning about human needs and service learning, communication and career development, business and economy, law and government, and healthcare in McCracken County.

2019-2020 Youth LEAD Information


2019-2020 Youth LEAD Application


Participants for 2018-2019 Class #8 are:

Community Christian Academy – Rachel Harris 

McCracken County High School – Carley Beatty, Cody Browning, Claire Buchanan, Katie Caruthers, Gillian Davis, Maggie Dowdy, Noah Ellis, Grant Eyer, Zachary Farmer, Weston Grogan, Hope Hodges, Addi James, Abigail Kuntz, Manda Lin, Walker McNeill, Grace Murt, Ashton Rudy, Sophia Shiben, Gabriella Smith, Max Thompson, Barrett Wagner 

Paducah Tilghman High School – Quinn Atnip, Keiler Belt, Kathleen Criner, Andrew Katz, Kyrese Kelly, Samuel Lambert, Jackson Mundy, Bailee Patel, Katherine Peck, Allee Rudolph 

St. Mary High School – Margaret Butts, Madeline Kerr





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