Total Resource Campaign

The Chamber conducts an annual Total Resource Campaign to generate new members and budget reduction items. It’s always an exciting and FUN time of year for the Chamber and over 100 business volunteers. The chair for the campaign is the next year's Chamber Chair of the Board - this is always a good way for them to familiarize themselves and interact with our volunteers!
Team Captains recruit 10 volunteers for their teams for a total of 100 volunteers. 
Volunteers are asked to bring in at least one new member to the Chamber. Great prizes are awarded to the top individual and team producers as well as random prizes for the hard working volunteers - last year's winner won a trip valued at $2500!
The 2018 Campaign will run from August 9 through September 17 chaired by Chamber Chair-elect Daniel Jones of Strawberry Hills Pharmacy. 2018 Team Captains are: Janice Cleary, Paducah Bank; Chase Denson, US Bank; Whitney Denson, McMurry & Livingston; Jessica Newman, Advantage Insurance; Ike Nichols, FNB Bank; Bradley Shoulta, Payment Plus; Catherine Sivills, Baptist Health; Jessica Vasseur, Four Rivers Nuclear Partnership; Amy Webb, HollandStivers; and Susan Ybarzabal, CFSB.
The 2017 top volunteer producer for the second consecutive year was Bradley Shoulta with Payment Plus. Second place producer award went to Jessica Newman with Advantage Insurance; third place was Jan Keen with Atmos Energy; fourth place was Lee Ann Morse with Baptist Health; and fifth place was Josh Morehead with The Carson Center.
The Payment Plus team received the "traveling trophy" award for Overall Team Winner with Shoulta serving as Team Captain. Shoulta's team recruited 36 new members plus other renewals from the 2016 campaign and a variety of new sponsorships. The team captained by Whitney Denson with McMurry & Livingston received second place and the third place team was captained by Brandon Hall with Wastren Advantage.
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2018 Total Resource Campaign Team Captains

Back row (left to right): Bradley Shoulta (Payment Plus), Ike Nichols (FNB), Chase Denson (US Bank) and Jessica Vasseur (Four Rivers Nuclear Partnership).

Front row: Catherine Sivills (Baptist Health), Janice Cleary (Paducah Bank), Amy Webb (HollandStivers), Campaign Chair Daniel Jones (Strawberry Hills Pharmacy), Jessica Newman (Advantage Insurance), Susan Ybarzabal (CFSB) and Whitney Denson (McMurry & Livingston). 


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